qwelxana (kwel-han-nah) is an nsyilxcen word meaning “Dust Dancer”. qwelxana is the nsyilxcen name for Victoria Jaenig

In English, qwəɬxanaʔ literally describes the clouds of dust left behind a dancer as she's dancing. As a name, qwəɬxanaʔ insinuates someone who dances through life, kicking up the dirt & leaving clouds of dust (dust devils) behind them. Victoria intends to live up to her nsyilxcen name by kicking up the dirt and making dust storms through her art.

Qwelxana is a multi-media producer focusing on the use of arts and technology for Indigenous knowledge.

Qwelxana (aka Victoria Jaenig) specializes in projects based on Indigenous people, characters, language, stories, places and/ or history including: the documentation of Indigenous knowledge keepers, language speakers, First Nations communities, Aboriginal organizations, artists and individuals for various events, promotions, archives, private or public exhibition and personal storage as requested and when permitted by her mentors!

Through the use of media and new media arts and technologies Victoria provides audiences with a body of work sharing the Indigenous perspective, voice and world view. She produces and creates projects intended to stimulate thought, discussion or change in the ideas, opinions or actions of her audience regarding Indigenous peoples and issues.

Qwlexana developed a frame work for the utilization of technology for Indigenous knowledge without breeching culutural protocols. This framework is the basis for her life's work and demonstrates the need not only in Indigenous peoples but also in technicians and IT departments who are also attempting to fuse the two worlds together. It is our understanding that if one does NOT know or fully understand what the responsibilities, process and protocols of being an Indigenous knowledge keeper the two worlds will never fully be welcomed by Knowledge Keepers or respected by technicians.

Qwelxana is the co-founder of Tk'asasil Smamim - Two Women Multimedia Corporation

  • Biography

    Artist Statement & Biography

    Victoria is an award-wining interdisciplinary artist focusing on the utilization of media and new media arts for Indigenous knowledge. Victoria’s personal or contracted projects provide First Nations perspectives, voices or content through a a variety of mediums...

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  • Filmography

    Artist CV & Filmography

    To date, Victoria produced and directed over 35 short films and documentaries and has been screened throughout British Columbia (including the southern and central interior and mainland) Kelowna, Kamloops & Vancouver, BC and even in Toronto, ON

    Read Full Filmography here
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