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Interactive Language Lesson

Interactive Language Lesson- Syilx Calendar

Victoria created an interative online language lesson for the syilx calendar. These lessons are structured to provide the following information as you navigate through the lessons:
- Syilx seasonal change indicators;
- When the Syilx seasons change (and how to tell)
- How the months are indicated by the moons
- When the moon months change and how many natural indicators are in a single season
- What each season and moon indicator is called in Nsyilxcen (the Okanagan language)
- The correct spelling and pronunciation of each season and moon indicators in Nsyilxcen

Seasonal patterns within the Okanagan Territory are measured by natural changes, for example: By changes of the moon cycles and the yearly seasonal cycle and is not to be compared with the European calendar. A European calendar has a fixed number of days, weeks and months in a single year. Our calendar is based on an understanding of significant weather and climate changes which are indicated by the natural environment and how we as Syilx utilize it. Moon cycle changes help to identify probable weather systems because of the power of the moon. To check out the Language lesson go to Okanagan First Peoples website..

Picto Prophesies

The Picto Prophesy Project is an examination of prophecies inviting viewers to engage in a discourse about Indigenous dream culture and visions. While Mayan prophecies may have caught the interest of popular culture, their rendering is almost invariably stereotypical and unproductive. Picto Prophesy takes a very different approach to the theme of prophecy and its role in social life and ethics of Indigenous communities. Using location-based artworks and GPS technology, the collective integrates audio, video and new media into the land. This innovative approach builds on the tradition of storytelling using pictographs, rock landmarks, Totem Poles and Story Poles.
Participating artists of the Ullus collective include Victoria Baptiste, Mariel Belanger, Tracey Kim Bonneau, Chris Bose, Bracken Hanuse Corlett and Warren Hooley. Senior artist, Cease Wyss, participates as a guest artist and mentor. Indigenous/Traditional Ecological Knowledge Keeper of the Syilx Nation, Richard Armstrong, also shares his knowledge and expertise. The Picto Prophecy Project is curated by Jennifer Pickering and Tracey Kim Bonneau.

In addition to being a participating artist, Victoria Jaenig created imagery and PR materials for all events, developed an APP using smart phones, QR codes, the internet/ web and maps. Victoria also coordinated three exhibitions with Curators as part of an internship in Arts Administration.

View Victoria's Porject here

geo tag art dot com - a new media exhibtiion

In collaboration with the Alternator Art Gallery, Kelowna, BC
Online Installation and on location in Kelowna BC
Geotag Art Dot Com invites you to visit the Myra-Bellevue Provincial Park and use your smart phone to link to videos, music, sculptures, and paintings by Okanagan artists. We hope their ideas will stimulate and entertain as you walk, bike or hike along the Kettle Valley trail.
The Alternator Art Gallery in Kelowna, BC produced two videos of the GEO TAG ART DOT COM project.

Victoria's project starts at 2:28 in the accompanying video.

View GEO TAG ART video here

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