Projects Detail Page

txesqayn: Mount Kobau (2012)

Qwelxana Originals

1. 2015 "7th Fire", (development-research): dramatic feature film. Follows Thomas and his friends, all Aboriginal youth from BC, who find themselves in an unusual circumstances. based on syilx storytelling and prophesies.

2. 2014 "istukwukwxixtet: the path in front of us" (development- research): is based on syilx storytelling and prohesies, characters and places.

3. 2009 "A Common Experience", screened and exhibited throughout Penticton and Kelowna. A short film based on actual events of residential school, following the story of Theresa, a student of residential school.

4. 2008 "REZcue Me", screened and exhibited through out Penticton, Kelowna and Vernon BC. A short film based on actual events of residential school the first in a series folllowing Theresa, a residential school student.

ABSN Professional Development Series

The BC Aboriginal Business Service Netowrk Society Professional Development Series is a five (5) part instructional video series between 15-30 minutes each. The video series consistss of the following projects and workshops:
1. Social Media
2. Building Better Businesses
3. Business planning and development
4. First Nation Taxation
5. First Nations Law

A Long Journey Home: Life After Residential School

A video series of six members from the Syilx community sharing deeply personal stories of life during and after residential schools and the impact it had on the people and community.

Curator/ Executive Producer: Peter Ord
Project Coordinator/ Associate Producer: Victoria Baptiste

Syilx Elders/ Interviewees: Audrey Baptiste, Richard Armstrong, Dorothy Ward, Hilda Belanger, Mariel Belanger, Caroline Pierre, (the late) Joey Pierre

Videographers: Victoria Baptiste, Mariel Baptiste, Warren Hooley, Keegan Baptiste
Soundtrack Score: Herman Edwards, Photographer: Levi George, Graphics Designer: Evelyn Alec, Audio Engineer: Sam Mitchell, PIB Elders Coordinator/ Consultant: Inez Pierre


1. Txesqayn- Mount Kobou: a Syilx interpretive tour of Mount Kobau (2012)
Txesqayn - is the name of a mountain also known as "Mount Bobau" in BC's southern okanagan valley on the traditional unceded terrtory of the syilx (okanagan) nation and is communally shared by the Penticton Indian Band, the Osoyoos Indian Band and the Lower Silmilkameen Indian Bands. This 30 minute documentary is an interpretive tour of the mountain and its surrouding areas by Knowledge Keeper, Richard Armstrong, as he shares place names, historical uses by the syilx people, stories and original uses of the areas on and surrounding Txesqayn (Mount Kobau).

2. Okanagan Leaders (2010)
Qwelxana mentors youth videographers Madeline Terbasket and Randy Baptiste in video produciton and edits the final project. Okanagan Leaders documents the Okanagan Nation and Colville Confederated Tribes uniting over issues surrounding the Canada/ US borders and legisation regarding First Nations and passports. Video includes footage from a meeting in Colville territory, a rally at the "Canada/ US" border crossing traditionally used by the indigenous peoples prior to the separation of the territory by the 49th parallel and dramatic reenactments. Video is directed and produced by Madeline Terbasket and edited by Victoria Baptiste.

3. Walk With Me (2010) - Unreleased
Caylx, a syilx elder and knowledge keeper, also known as Richard Armstrong visits sites in and around the traditional unceded territory of the okanagan nation within the BC Southern interior from Merritt BC and Falkland to Osoyoos. He shares traditional and original uses of the land, waters and plants along with stories, historical sites and story sites of the area.

4. Naramata: Citxws Peqlqin the syilx interpretive tour of the naramata bench (2009)
Father/ Daughter team, Richard Armstrong and Victoria Baptiste share the traditional methods of storytelling through an interpretive tour of the Naramata bench as part of the Penticton's Centennial celebrations. Richard and Victoria host this tourism/ lifestyle production, providing original, historical and story sites of areas in and surrounding the Naramata bench.

Music Videos

Victoria, has produced five music videos featuring the talent of local BC Aboriginal Hip Hop artists including:
2011 - "Turqouise" performed by Creeps Solow and produced by Crazy Cutz Records
2011 - "Building Bridges" performed by Mr. OP ft. JK and produced by Sam Mitchell
2010 - "4 my Natives" performed by Mr. OP ft. JK and produced by Sam Mitchell
2008 - "A Warrior's Anthem" performed by Willy Swite and produced by Willy Swite
2002 - "Is There" performed by "7th Generation" and produced by Crazt Cutz Records.

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